Did P.K. Subban blow a kiss to Shawn Thornton during handshakes? (Video)

The Montreal Canadiens eliminated the Boston Bruins in Game 7 on Wednesday night, which made defenseman P.K. Subban a happy, happy man. Mostly because he knew he’d have a chance to participate in the ultimate indignity in hockey: The handshake line.

We spotted something as the Bruins were forced to glad-hand their hated rival, as Shawn “Water Bottle Squirt” Thornton and Subban neared each other: Did the Habs star blow a quick kiss to Thornton? (Make sure you enlarge the video to fit your screen.)

It’s a little hard to make it, but it appears that way. Unless he’s just trying to get the first word in before a sportsmanship-filled embrace.

What we can confirm: That Subban laid a big kiss on Canadiens assistant coach J.J. Daigneault after the game, and did the same with NBC’s Pierre McGuire in the postgame interview:

Who knew eliminating the Bruins was such an aphrodisiac for P.K. …

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