Did new Tampa Bay Lightning black 3rd jersey leak?

The Tampa Bay Lightning are getting a third jersey this season to go along with that Maple Leafs-meets-Flash-Gordon jersey that some love and some loathe. Because really, what says “Florida sunshine” better than a dark noir jersey …

Hockey Bay, a blog that covers the Bolts, published an image on Monday that it claims is a third-jersey leak for the Lightning this season, writing:

3rd Jersey Leak? Rumor has it the team will reintroduce a black jersey into their repertoire with a new alternate jersey. This is welcome news to fans who criticized the rebrand's lack of black.”

Let’s say you really, really hate the new jerseys. Then this one might appeal to you. Otherwise, it’s a generic, unimpressive template-like sweater that you’d expect to find a club travel team wearing, in our opinion.

But it probably won’t be the one the Bolts end up with this season.

Icethetics says this concept was “consigned to the scrap heap” back in 2006, designed as a prototype jersey. Here’s the version that showed up on eBay …

… which makes the “leaked” jersey look woefully Photoshopped.

Although the piping on that sweater, which is now out of style for the Reebok ones, should have been our first clue.

So no jersey leak yet for the Lightning, Obviously, they’re waiting to see if Toronto does one first.