Did Marc Methot’s shot go through net in OT loss to Leafs?

The box score says the Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Ottawa Senators, 3-2, in a shootout on Sunday night.

What the box score fails to tell you, obviously, is that the Senators lost the game when everyone on the ice ignored Marc Methot’s overtime shot going through the net, as part of some grand conspiracy to keep Ottawa out of the Stanley Cup playoffs, a conspiracy that obviously led to Sportnet refusing to show an overhead replay of the shot in question.

No, seriously, this was a thing. Chris Johnston of Sportsnet wondered aloud about it. More than a few Senators fans did so too.

Like here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And definitely here:

So, uh … was it a goal?

Here's a slo-mo look:

This frame-by-frame video shows the puck flying past Bernier and then to the outside of the far post. As in almost every other replay, the net doesn’t appear to ripple, either.

This is obviously a wish that the heart is making, as a Senators’ win would have made Tuesday night against Pittsburgh all the more exciting. Alas, it doesn’t appear to be a goal.

Not that this assessment should stop Eugene Melnyk from initiating a full forensic investigation, mind you …