Did Jimmy Kimmel guest admit cheating on ex with Tyler Johnson? (Video)

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On Monday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” they did one of those person on the street bits in which they asked pedestrians the most impressive thing they’ve ever done. 

The good news for Tyler Johnson of the Tampa Bay Lightning? That apparently he’s impressive. The bad news for Tyler Johnson? That the person he apparently impressed had a boyfriend at the time, and just let the world know about it.

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“The most impressive thing I’ve ever done?” asked the woman, on camera. “I don’t know … cheat on my boyfriend, not have him find out.”

She’s then reminded this is a national television program.

She then reminds the audience that it’s an old boyfriend, not the one she has now. And apologizes to “Ben.”

Without prompting, she offers up that he’s a “famous athlete.” She’s then asked his initials, and she says “T.J.” She’s asked what sport he plays, and she says, “hockey.”

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There’s a cut in the clip, and now she’s being asked what team he plays for. She says “Florida,” followed by “Tampa Bay."

Perhaps someone back in the control truck took a cursory glance at the roster, because our intrepid interviewer asks “Tyler Johnson?”

And with that, she suddenly has no more time for the television camera.

Obviously, we can neither confirm nor deny there was ever a relationship between this featured performer on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and Tyler Johnson. We can confirm that today’s practice probably just got a little more interesting for him. Provided his teammates weren’t watching Fallon or Colbert instead.

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