Did Jeff Skinner slew-foot Patrice Bergeron to spark fight during Boston Bruins’ win? (VIDEO)

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The end of the Carolina Hurricanes’ 5-3 loss to the Boston Bruins on Monday was eventful for two reasons. First, because Tyler Seguin scored the first empty net goal in his hockey career. Second, because Patrice Bergeron went nuts on Jeff Skinner, and Patrice Bergeron really never gets nuts.

What set him off? According to this highlight from NESN, the players were tangled up at the end of the game, and Bergeron was taken down; but was it via a Jeff Skinner slew-foot?

The essential highlight begins at around the 1:30 mark, as the two skated behind the net with seconds left in the game. Bergeron is clearly dropped to the ice by Skinner; the net obscures what exactly Skinner’s skate is doing on the play. Is his leg behind Bergeron’s as he’s forced the Bruins center to the ice?

The NHL tells Yahoo! Sports there are no hearings scheduled for today. Both players were given roughing minors with eight seconds left in the game.

This is becoming a patented move from Skinner, who was warned on a borderline slew-foot against Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov last season. At the time, the NHL told CSN:

“The difference comes when there's an upper-body action (a yanking back with the arm or shoulder) to create a violent crash to the ice rather than just a trip.”

The incident caused Orlov to go nuts and shove a linesman.

Hockey Bieber has a way of getting the most frustration out of his foes, apparently.

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