Did the Dallas Stars promise Brunnstrom too much?

As you know, we haven't really given the manic courtship of Fabian Brunnstrom much coverage here because he's played as many games in the NHL as Manon Rheaume and, quite frankly, it gets in the way of our intense reporting on Phuthbert. Plus, we think it's beat that this guy and his representatives managed to pathetically tease half the League; Peter Chiarelli of the Bruins sounded like he just found out his prom date is going steady with the quarterback.

Brunnstrom ended up signing with the Dallas Stars for a two-year deal that could net him up to $2.5 million per season. GM/Ambassador of Fun Brett Hull said that the chance to step into the lineup immediately next year was a determining factor. That may not be the entire story. Battle of Alberta caught an interview with Calgary Flames GM Darryl Sutter on The FAN 960. According to BoA, the Flames were after Brunnstrom but didn't get him, and the impression they were under after hearing the interview was that Brunnstrom "was looking for a Top 2 Lines assurance; Dallas either gave it to him, or he thought it was more realistic there." Promising a question mark a certain spot in the lineup? Let's hope not.

Meanwhile, photos of this Brunnstrom fellow are hard to come by, so the new Puck Daddy policy is to run some Swedish eye candy whenever we have something to report on him. We don't expect this will affect the frequency of our coverage. That said, please join us an hour from now for our story on what Brunnstrom might have for dinner tonight, and then coverage throughout the weekend about his favorite colors and his feelings on dogs and other household pets.