Did Chris Chelios burn a Jay Cutler Bears jersey in Chicago bar? (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

TMZ has alleged that the former Chicago Blackhawks great Chris Chelios assisted an attractive woman in burning maligned Chicago Bears Jay Cutler's jersey in effigy at Stanley's Kitchen and Tap in Downtown Chicago.

Via TMZ:

The video was shot inside Stanley's Kitchen and Tap in Downtown Chicago -- showing Chicago Blackhawks legend Chris Chelios lighting Jay's jersey on fire while some hot chick dangles it from her fingers.

One source inside the bar tells us Chris lit the jersey then said, Cutler's "nothing but a bitch."

At this point you might be wondering if you were going to see any Chris Chelios in that Chris Chelios video.

The original uncensored (NSFW) video was posted on YouTube on Monday afternoon from a "dnibbs," titled "Chelios burns Cutler jersey." At one point in the clip, you can hear someone chant Chelios' name. And, according to this tweet, one dude was singing Rage Against The Machine with Chelios while he and his buddies were at Stanley's. (Please note the StanBurger sign in back of them.)

Why burn a Jay Cutler jersey? Because he's terrible. Even if his smoking meme owns the Internet.

Now, assuming this was former NHL great Chris Chelios helping with the torching of Cutler … what is it with Chris Chelios and lockouts that makes him go all Mr. Hyde on people?

In 1994, Chelios infamously wondered if Gary Bettman would be "taken out" by a disgruntled fan or player in order to save the season. He did something similar, though less psychotic, during the 2004 work stoppage.

But, in fairness to Cheli, he never set fire to a business suit with an NHL tie in a bar. At least not that we're aware of.

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