Did Blackhawks fan frame Vancouver fans for jersey toss onto ice?

Earlier this season, an Edmonton Oilers fan unleashed one of the ultimate symbols of protest in hockey: Throwing one’s jersey on the ice in disgust.

It was a moment that signaled the nadir of their struggling regime, prompting Coach Dallas Eakins to label the disgruntled season-ticket holder as “a quitter.”

The Vancouver Canucks aren’t nearly in those dire straights, although they’ve lost two in a row and are 4-6 in their last 10. So it was a bit surprising to see a Canucks jersey hit the ice during their 5-2 loss to the rival Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday:

Uh-oh. Well at least Tortorella is suspended so he couldn’t burn through the media like the fires of Pompeii when that question was asked.

The horror! The shame!

The … incredible troll job by a Blackhawks fan?


(Here’s the GIF.)

As discovered by Mega Nuck, you can see a Blackhawks fan carrying a Vancouver jersey down near the ice in the lower bowl right before it hit the rink. That’s just devious...

Someone pretending to be a Canucks fan in an attempt to impugn the good name of the people of Vancouver? Must have been an anarchist.