Devils owner's helicopter lands on field, cancels youth soccer game

Devils owner's helicopter lands on field, cancels youth soccer game

A helicopter landed on a soccer field in Newark, New Jersey on Sunday to pick up New Jersey Devils owner Josh Harris. This led to a cancellation of a youth soccer game according to a report from Deadspin.

Said a parent at the game according to the story:

My son’s U13 youth soccer team was supposed to play a game at 7:30 last night (Sunday, November 8th) on the field at Benedict’s Prep in Newark. As the two teams of U13 players from the STA 02 NPL and Cedar Stars Pre-Academy team got ready to take the field, a helicopter dropped down from the sky and landed right in the middle of the field. A security detail emerged from the helicopter and informed the boys and their coaches that NJ Jersey Devils owner, Josh Harris, had instructed them to land on the field and wait for him to return from the Prudential Center where the Devils were playing. The boys and their families waited in the cold until finally it became clear that Harris was running late and no one knew when he might return to pick up his ride. Eventually, the coaches decided to call the boys’ game and everyone went home disappointed, frustrated and annoyed.

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The Deadspin story has a video of the landing.

This is a different video from YouTube that claims it's the "NJ Devils owner" getting picked up from St. Benedict's from last November.

According to the piece, St. Benedict’s has an agreement with Harris, whose net worth is $2.4 billion according to Forbes. Harris also owns the Philadelphia 76ers.

Father Edwin Leahy, the school’s headmaster, said over the phone that the soccer field is used as a helipad for a few people who conduct business in Newark, but mostly Harris.


Leahy told Deadspin the mistake was due to “lack of communication” between the aviation company and the school.

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