Detroit’s Valtteri Filppula injured in Game 7 after Andrew Shaw slewfoot? (Video)

The Detroit Red Wings lost Valtteri Filppula after just two shifts in Game 7 at the Chicago Blackhawks, as the center left for X-Rays following this incident with Andrew Shaw:

After Shaw got into it with Henrik Zetterberg near the benches, Filppula stepped in for a little policing. Shaw tangled with him, and then eventually appeared to kick out the leg of Filppula to send him to the ice. There was no penalty on the play.

Pat Boyle of CSN Chicago reported that Filppula was on crutches and that he appeared to have an ankle injury.

Did the slew foot cause the injury? Check out Filppula at about the 16-second mark. Is he gingerly headed to the Wings' bench, perhaps injured on his shift?

Bottom line: Slewfoot, un-penalized, no matter where the injury occurred.

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