Destroying Legos in blender is perfect way to pick Stanley Cup winner (Video)

How does one determine which team will win the Stanley Cup champion?

Perhaps crunching the numbers in advanced analytics. Perhaps using some sort of super computer to simulate the games.

Or, sparing that, putting a bunch of Lego-like block players in the blender and seeing who makes it out alive:

(The Zamboni in a blender is a pretty great move.)

Blendtec features a series of “Will it blend?” clips, and this time used small block representations of the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings to figure out the winner of the Stanley Cup Final.

They used a Phantom camera to slow down the blade, which runs at 300 mph, to capture the slow-mo. “Each hit to the goalie equals a goal.” Well that sounds scientific.

No word if the winning team is given “The Kragle” to glue itself back together. Or if they eventually skated the Cup to “Everything Is Awesome” …