Derek Dorsett headbutts Mike Weaver, snows a kid, is the worst (Video)

It's a shame that Game 5 between the Canadiens and the Rangers had to end. For one thing, it was extremely exciting and just jam-packed with goals, and for another thing, games like this always close with a bunch of dumb tone-setting garbage from the knuckleheads that distracts from the great game that preceded it.

This game was no different, as John Moore levelled Dale Weise in the neutal zone on a hit that will probably see him suspended for the rest of the series. And in the subtler realm, Derek Dorsett pulled a Patrick Kaleta on Mike Weaver, headbutting the Habs' depth defender at the end of the game.

Someone tells Dorsett headbutts are totally out right now. This year it's groin-spears and water bottle squirts.

In addition to headbutting Weaver like a butthead, Dorsett also attempted to goad Rene Bourque into a fight, as though Bourque had something to prove after being the difference in the 7-4 win, literally. He scored three goals.

Weaver thought it was pure foolishness. "Why's he doing that at the end?" he said. "[Dorsett] was running around with his head cut off. It's the kind of player he is."

One wonders what the Department of Player Safety will think. Safe to assume that headbutt probably cost him a couple thousand dollars, at minimum.

That is, unless the DOPS also takes into account that Dorsett snowed the Canadiens' flag kid before the game.

We'll hazard a guess that he didn't see the little guy and was simply attempting to snow the Canadiens as they came onto the ice, or maybe he thought it was David Desharnais, but still -- what a monster.

And look at the poor bewildered little guy afterward. He nearly gets run over by the Montreal players streaming out onto the ice before Mats Zuccarello pulls him back.