Derek Campbell banned 47 games for off-ice fight at U.K. hockey game (Video)

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Derek Campbell went temporarily insane, and is paying dearly for it.

Campbell was a forward with the Hull Stingrays of the Elite Ice Hockey League (U.K). On Saturday night in a game against the Dundee Stars, Campbell received a nasty, high hit from behind from Nico Sacchetti against the glass.

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That set off Campbell, who jumped into a scrum between the teams and attacked a Stars player, driving his head into the ice. Campbell was eventually subdued and sent off the ice … where things got really interesting:

As Campbell headed for the dressing room, he attacked Sacchetti off the ice, sparking a melee around the spectators at the game. He was led away, his jersey over his head, as the announcers freaked out and order was finally restored.

On Tuesday, the ruling on the incident was handed down by Rapid Solicitors Elite League head of discipline Moray Hanson: a 47-game suspension.

From the Elite League:

Campbell was given a match penalty for excessive roughness in the third period (54:55) of Hull Stingrays' game with Dundee Stars on Saturday 5th October 2013. In addition, there was an off-ice incident involving Campbell after he had been escorted off the ice towards the dressing room. Listed below is a breakdown of the suspensions...

Fighting off the ice = 15 matches

Attempted eye gouge = 12 matches

Knee to the head = 10 matches

Excessive force to the head resulting in an impact to the ice = 10 matches

One match of the 47 was served in Hull's game at Dundee on Sunday 6th October 2013.

Hanson said: "There are many aspects to this serious incident and that is why I have broken it down into separate sections.

"I have studied the game tape in great detail and I have spoken with the three officials, who all were able to give me detailed reports.

"This is a very nasty incident and there is no place for any of these actions in our sport."

It gets worse for Campbell, however. The Stingrays actually fired him before the suspension was handed down. From the Hull Daily Mail:

Team owner Bobby McEwan says the club has decided not to wait for the League's decision.

McEwan said: "I just felt we had to make the decision, and not let it drag on until the end of the week, so I called Derek and let him know.

"What he did on the ice in reaction to the challenge is part and parcel of the game, but I can't condone what happened off it, it's a business decision."

Check out what the U.K. fans are saying on the Dundee Facebook page.

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