Derek Boogaard lawsuit; NHL and collusion; playing fake seasons (Puck Headlines)

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• So say we all. Via Kyle Delaney.

• The NHLPA and NHL aren't just meeting on Friday in New York City — they have meetings scheduled throughout the weekend. Keep Hope Alive! [NYDN]

• The NHL in Kansas City responds to the NHL cancelling their annual preseason game because of the lockout. In, uh, a very cheeky way. [NHLKC]

• The Florida Panthers announced their season ticket plan this week: "Fans purchasing the 'Pay When We Play' ticket plan can put $100 down and not make another payment until the start of the 2012-13 Panthers regular season." [Panthers]

• Adam Proteau offers an 11-point plan for a 7-year CBA settlement between the owners and players, including a ban on no-trade clauses and a seven-year cap on contracts. [THN]

• Because it hasn't been pushing an agenda of concussion awareness and NHL negligence for the better part of three years, the New York Times reports that a lawsuit from the late Derek Boogaard's family could "shake up" the hockey world. [NYT]

• Michael Grange had this take on the Boogaard suit: "Those are the larger legal questions the Boogaards seem intent on exploring. Their lawyer did not respond to a message and efforts to reach the family weren't successful, but the claim is clear that the failure of the NHLPA to file a grievance is a procedural matter that has prevented them from pushing a bigger boulder up the legal hill." [Sportsnet]

• Nicklas Lidstrom says he knows there's interest in him becoming a coach in Sweden. "No one has come out and said, 'We want you to coach or be an assistant coach,' but I've had teams ask me what I would want to do." []

• Alex Ovechkin takes his lumps in the KHL. [Alex Ovetjkin]

• New Toronto Marlies player Leo Komarov causes a stir by choosing No. 87, and thereby challenging the legacy of both Donald Brashear and Pierre Turgeon. [CP]

• Elliotte Friedman had a must-read on NHL collusion: "But is Devellano's comment proof enough for Fehr to file a grievance or take it to an outside court? Does he try to use the threat of it as leverage in CBA negotiations? Is the NHL even worried about it, ready to argue that it was simply an off-the-cuff comment not to be taken seriously?" [CBC Sports]

• Don Cherry doesn't want NHLers to take overseas players' jobs, and said so on Twitter. [PHT]

• Daniel Wagner laments the termination of the preseason: "A big part of the preseason is watching prospects attempting to prove to their team's management that they're good enough to make the big club. Most of them aren't good enough and they won't make it. In their case, the preseason is the only time they'll get to wear an NHL jersey. Admit it, it's fun to see your team's prospects in your team's colours. It's fun for them as well." [Backhand Shelf]

• Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Anders Lindback heads to Europe to field some offers. [Lightning Strikes]

• Tapeleg on the CBA: "The notion that the owners will win no matter what, and the players should give in, is ridiculous.  You don't back down from a fight just because it seems inevitable.  The players used up their silly gamesmanship like going to the Quebec Labor Board to try and get the lockout nullified.  Now it's time to dig in, man up, and do the job.  The players caved the last time, mostly because the fight at the time wasn't a winning battle, and somewhat because the NHLPA executives gave up.  But this is a fight worth fighting.  And yes, even if it costs the season." [Tapeleg]

• Alix Kunkle on the lockout: "The NHL could lose the entire season again because our players and owners, who make more in a week than some towns do in a year, want even more money, but I don't think anyone would even notice. The owners and players are leaving the people who care the most — the fans — in the cold and dark." [Leesville Leader]

• In which JP (for the owners) and Rob (for the players) drink beer and attempt to fix the NHL lockout. [Japers' Rink]

• Wyatt from the Legion of Blog is doing a Fake Canucks Season, following games and analyzing the news that might have been. [Legion of Blog]

Andrew Williams is also covering a faux season, for the Carolina Hurricanes on ye olde Xbox. [NC Sports Buzz]

• Meanwhile, Black Blue and Gold blog is casting the 2012-13 Buffalo Sabres Faux Season as a sitcom. [BBG]

• Pegasus News has obtaining the agenda for Friday's meeting with the NHL and NHLPA. "6:46-6:50pm: Silence, Throat-Clearing and Awkward Tie-Straightening." [Pegasus News]

• Finally, here's Mayor's Manor talking with Marty McSorely about the NHL lockout. We're big fans of how the logo behind him makes it look like he's wearing pirate earrings.

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