Dennis Wideman politely instructs Karri Ramo to bend over (Video)


We’re living in an age of near-total access to the sights and sounds of the NHL, depending of course on how much the League and its broadcast partners want us to see.

Of course, there are times when candid moments are out of their control. Like when Calgary Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman has the puck behind his own net at the Arizona Coyotes on Saturday night, with the crowd slightly quieter than mouse flatulence.

He needed his goalie, Karri Ramo, to bend down so he could better see the play developing.

So he exclaimed: “Bend over Ramo … I can’t $@!%! see!”

Ramo, by the way, is listed at 6-foot-2. One can only imagine what Lightning defensemen say to Ben Bishop from behind the net. Well, outside of Hedman.