Dennis Veteri pleads guilty for Winter Classic assault on New York Rangers fans

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Nearly two weeks after the 2012 Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Dennis Veteri turned himself in to police in connection to the beating of New Jersey cop Neal Auricchio and his friend outside Geno's Steaks.

Auricchio and a friend were both wearing New York Rangers jerseys and became engaged in a verbal confrontation with a group of Philadelphia Flyers fans after one of them squirted window cleaner in their direction. Things devolved quickly and ended in a brawl that was captured on video which helped police identify Veteri. Auricchio suffered a fractured bone in his face and was knocked unconscious.

In March, Veteri was ordered to stand trial and on Tuesday he appeared in court and pled guilty to aggravated and simple assault and conspiracy.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Dennis Veteri, 32, entered the guilty plea Tuesday before Common Pleas Court Judge Ellen Ceisler. Veteri, a bricklayer from Glassboro in South Jersey, remains free on $250,000 bail pending sentencing on Oct. 26.

According to court documents, the guilty plea was not negotiated with the District Attorney's office, which means there is no agreement on Veteri's sentence. The aggravated assault charge is graded as a first-degree felony, which under state law carries a maximum prison term of 20 years.

Veteri remains the only person arrested in connection with the assaults.

In January, Auricchio's attorney, Ray Gill, told NBC New York that after the criminal case was completed, the family would likely file a civil suit.

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