Dekes and one-timers: The great goals of NHL '94

At one point in college, there was a guy who just dominated me on "NHL ‘94" for Sega. Kicked my tail every single gaming session, no matter how drunk I was. So one night I hit my breaking point, unleashing a controller-tossing tirade about how he couldn't win without "that stupid deke move" ... only I didn't say "stupid." Come to think of it, I don't think I said "move" either.

Hours after I stormed out of his room, I saw him again in the common area of our dorm. And he was literally being held back from going after me while brandishing a butter knife from the dining hall, muttering something about clearing his good name as a player. It was all a little silly, and no one thankfully was cut, bruised or buttered. I think we started playing again the next morning.

The moral of this story is that there's no messing with the simplistic bliss and unparalleled fervor created by a game like "NHL '94." So for all the other losers out there, here's a cathartic video by YouTube user Sean Grady called "NHL 94 Greatest Goals Vol. 2," that features (by my count) 15 classic one-timers, dekes and full-rink empty-netters that light the lamp. Vol. 1 can be found here.

Video by Grady. Music by Flobots. And as the closing credits proclaim, "Kickass Gamery, EA Sports."