David Backes kisses all the puppies (Video)

Do you consider yourself an animal lover? Because David Backes of the St. Louis Blues is an animal lover. And unlike you, he’s willing to put his puppy where his mouth is.

Earlier this season, Backes and Blues defenseman Barret Jackman took part in – we can’t even make this up – “The Great American Pooch Smooch & Kitty Kiss” event, in which people go from animal shelter to animal shelter laying lips on dogs and cats waiting for adoption.

Here are Backes, Jackman and their significant others, helping to raise awareness and money for sheltered animals:

Here’s more information from Adopt-a-Pet. And here are more adorable images of two NHL players kissing puppies ...

Clearly, Backes loves dogs. (So long as they're American. Onlookers were horrified when, rather than planting a sweet kiss on a Canadian beagle, Backes bit its ear off. He later explained that it was a symptom of his Vancouver 2010 PTSD.)

Also, please keep in mind that David Backes would like nothing more than to kiss your kitty.

s/t Dog Tipper.