Dave Bolland follows up Cup-winning goal with postgame F-bomb on CBC (Video)

Dave Bolland played the hero in Monday night's Game 6, scoring the Stanley Cup-winning goal just 17 seconds after Bryan Bickell had tied the game. That earned him an interview with CBC's Scott Oake, and, well, it turns out Pierre McGuire isn't the only guy that inspires postgame F-bombs.

Since this is a post about a gentleman swearing on live television, well, Warning: NSFW for strong language, obviously.

You can understand why he might be a little too wrapped up in the moment to remember that you're not allowed to use expletives to fill the dead air between sentences on live television. His club just won the Stanley Cup. That's, uh, flippin' exciting.

The way I see it, if Shaw can be absolved for a slip of the tongue in the heat of the moment after Chicago's first win, Bolland can be absolved after their fourth. But the real question is: will he be forgiven by Andrew Shaw's mother?

s/t to Guyism.

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