When your date chooses hockey over senior prom

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If you're a hockey fan in high school, things get a little weird around prom time. That magical night of pageantry, memory making and regrettable mistakes the following weekend usually coincides with playoff time for hockey. Which brings us to Ryan Dau.

Last April, Dau had a hockey tournament scheduled for the same night as the Hudson High School (Wisc.) senior prom. So he had a decision to make, and he chose hockey.

His girlfriend had a decision to make too, and she chose … another hockey player's girlfriend, whose boyfriend was playing in the same tournament.

From Corey Voegele of Hudson Patch, here's pretty much our favorite hockey-meets-prom story since that girl in the Panthers dress:

Dau skipped his senior prom at Hudson High School to play in a hockey tournament, leaving his girlfriend to attend as the "date" of another hockey player's girlfriend who was in the same boat.

When the two girls went through the grand march together, they carried a sign that read "Our Dates Chose Hockey Over Prom" and included pictures of Dau and the other player.

"We had dated for four months, and I gave her a heads-up, but my mom told her not to listen, that hockey (plans) change," Dau said. "But she gets that I'm a hockey player."

This story ends well: Dau's play in the tournament earned him a spot with the Alaska Avalanche junior hockey team this season in the NAHL. He also tells Patch that he and his girlfriend, Sarah Monette, are still together.

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Ah, hockey and prom ... I still remember taking a girl who was a Rangers fan -- opposites attract -- and having us press a small radio against the door of the dance hall in order to get updates on the Devils and Rangers playoff games that evening.

Hell, it was better than having me step on her feet and make awkward passes for three hours. But really, what isn't?

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