Darren Helm honours Black Friday with goal, wreaking utter havoc to get it (Video)

It's Black Friday, a day devoted, primarily, to scenes of unadulterated pandemonium.

But not just in malls across America. Apparently, the mayhem extends to the ice, where Detroit Red Wings' forward Darren Helm has given us the most Black Friday goal imaginable. Check out this carnage:

After the Red Wings clear the puck on a penalty kill, Helm charges after the loose puck like a Wal-Mart shopper after a flatscreen, with no regard for anybody's safety, and manages to beat both Kevin Poulin and Andy MacDonald to the puck.

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But in poking it home, Helm also causes an insane, three-dude pileup, with both he and MacDonald crashing over Poulin in a collision that takes both skaters airborne.

It's a pretty crazy scene. Looks like when a spiny shell hits a pack of riders in Mario Kart. Check out the GIF of the moment (which, in my opinion, needs more 'shopped-in explosions).

The Red Wings would win 5-0, largely because all the Islanders were about as sluggish as MacDonald on this play. Too much turkey, probably.

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Harrison Mooney

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