Dan Ellis emails reporter to ask for Roberto Luongo’s job with Canucks

Dan Ellis needs a job.

He's an unrestricted free agent goalie from the Anaheim Ducks, looking at 30 teams that by and large have their netminding set for next season. Europe is an option; but he'd rather stay in the National Hockey League.

The Vancouver Canucks could, in theory, have a job opening soon when Roberto Luongo is traded.

So Ellis did what any proactive job seeker in this economy would do: He got creative.

Ellis emailed Ben Kuzma of the Vancouver Province "to trumpet how good a fit he would be as a backup to Cory Schneider next NHL season," and the resulting article lobbies the Canucks to consider Ellis as a viable goaltending option once Luongo leaves.

From The Province:

"I would love to back up Cory if the spot becomes available," Ellis said in the email. "Helping young goalies get to their full potential is fun to be a part of. Sometimes just lightening their load makes all the difference in the world."

… "I understand my role. I knew Hiller was the guy. Rather than trying to steal the net, you try to provide minutes but help your partner be the best he can be. It's a different dynamic, but when the role is clarified, it's a lot easier.

"The 1A and 1B can change and there's a different mindset and every single game you don't know what's going to happen. Knowing Pekka and Jonas [were starters] you're able to adapt to that and manage your game."

So does Kuzma get a finder's fee if this thing goes down?

The tough part for Ellis: Conventional wisdom is that the Florida Panthers will ship a goaltender — perhaps Jose Theodore — back to the Canucks in a deal for Luongo.

But kudos to Ellis for being proactive … and for choosing an electronic medium that doesn't make him come off as an oblivious millionaire.

s/t Kuklas