Dan Carcillo blames goaltending for Flyers’ 2010 Cup Final loss, has zero respect for Laviolette

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Chicago Blackhawks' agitator Dan Carcillo can always be counted on for a good quote. Not because he's overly insightful, mind you, but because he speaks like he plays the game of hockey: without thinking.

Those aren't my words, those are his. "Thinking... is not that good in hockey, or thinking in general for me," Carcillo told a fan panel Saturday at the Blackhawks convention.

These comments came after Carcillo, whose 2011-12 season ended on a suspension and a knee injury following a dirty hit, admitted he finds he has to think more often now, a development he categorized as a bad thing.

Carcillo had plenty to say Saturday, but perhaps his most incendiary quote came at the expense of former teammate Michael Leighton, the goaltender for Carcillo's 2010 Philadelphia Flyers, who lost the Stanley Cup Final to the Blackhawks.

"If we had better goaltending maybe we would have put up a fight," he said.

Carcillo, of course, had all sorts of time to observe the weaknesses of the Flyers, since he was benched for all but two games in that series.

(For what it's worth, if I'm Corey Crawford, I'm bracing myself for negative comments from CarBomb in two years. Carcillo was also up in the press box for this year's playoffs.)

But Leighton wasn't the only former colleague in Philadelphia to receive a shot from Carcillo. Carcillo also mentioned that he has "zero" respect for Flyers' coach Peter Laviolette. One wonders if the aforementioned benching has anything to do with this.

It is, of course, worth mentioning that Carcillo now plays for the same Blackhawks that defeated the Flyers and he was speaking to a fan panel, so he was likely playing to his audience. But these jokes probably won't play in Philadelphia.

Carcillo added that he's nearly 100 per cent recovered from his knee injury and should be ready to start the season.

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