Dan Boyle was a roadie for Faith No More summer tour

Mike Patton
Mike Patton

When you’re a 39-year-old NHL defenseman, you have to start thinking about life after hockey. And if you’re Dan Boyle of the New York Rangers, apparently that means thinking about a life of checking mic levels, rustling groupies and making sure there are only green M&Ms in the dressing room.

Yes, Dan Boyle tried his hand at the rock and roll lifestyle last summer … as a roadie for FAITH NO MORE!

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Boyle toured with the band on the East Coast, traveling from D.C. to Philadelphia (where luckily he wasn’t recognized as a walking target on stage, like a carnival game duck) to Boston and then New York. He helped set up instruments for the band and distributed tickets to VIPs.

From the NY Post:

Boyle met the San Francisco band about eight years ago when they played in their hometown while he was a member of the San Jose Sharks.

“They were my favorite band growing up,” Boyle recalls. “I told [the team’s] p.r. guy, ‘I don‘t care if I have to stand in the top corner of the venue, get me in there.’’’


He ended up becoming close pals with singer Mike Patton and the other Faith No More guys, who are living one of his dreams. “If I wasn’t a hockey player, I’d be the lead singer of a band,” Boyle explains.

Alas, Boyle said his time on the road wasn’t the pageant of debauchery one might have hoped, with his partying limited to a couple of beers.

Congratulations to Boyle for being King for a Day, but Not A Fool For A Lifetime, which sounds Epic. Kudos for not Falling To Pieces, and hopefully this isn’t indicative of a Midlife Crisis.

[Cue flopping goldfish]

s/t Ryan Kennedy