Dan Boyle flips out after sucker punch, drops the gloves with Corey Perry (FIGHT VIDEO)

Here's an unexpected dance from the San Jose Sharks' win over the Anaheim Ducks Wednesday night. Late in the game, with the Sharks leading by four, defenceman Dan Boyle dropped the gloves with one-time Team Canada teammate Corey Perry.

Not much of a scrap, really. There weren't a lot of punches thrown. Still, I'll give the decision to Boyle just for being visibly angrier.

So what had him so upset? He and Boyle had been battling all game, but if I had to pick a moment that stood out, it's their interaction in this shorthanded odd-man rush that led to San Jose's fourth goal of the night.

Boyle is the trailer on the rush, and Perry is rushing to catch up to him and keep him from joining the play. See if you can spot the moment Boyle might have found objectionable:

Correct! It's the moment Perry gets in front of Boyle and punches him in the face!

Boyle explained the reason for the fight after the game, and it was a simple one. "On the short-handed goal, [Perry] sucker-punched me in the face," he said. "It just kind of carried on from there."

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that stuff like this is why players around the league have yet to warm to Corey Perry.

Might the league review the sucker punch from Perry? I'm not even going to dare make a prediction on this, since I'm 0-for my last 4 reviewable plays. But something tells me Perry will be gettinga phone call at the very least from Shanahan, because you're not allowed to punch guys in the face (apart from when you are).