Dalton Prout drops Milan Lucic with one punch (Video)

Regardless of your stance on fighting in the NHL, as a hockey fan, there is a part of you that wouldn't mind seeing Boston's Milan Lucic get the business.

Your day has arrived, my friend.

In overtime between the Blue Jackets and Bruins, Dalton Prout and Milan Lucic get into it behind the play. Take a look at what happens.

DING! DING! Prout wins by unanimous decision.

One thing you don't see is the cross check Lucic delivers on a Blue Jacket prior to the roughing up by Prout. Yes, Lucic still has his gloves on when he hits the ice, but look at the video. As Prout drops the mits, Lucic lunges.

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Both players were ejected from the game. Boston went on to win in the seventh round of the shoot-out.

Admit it, unless you're a Bruins fan (ok, maybe even if you're a Bruins fan), watching that made you smile, even a tiny bit.