Dallas Stars with the Tony Romo troll of the year on Twitter (PHOTO)

It wasn’t exactly a memorable season for the Dallas Cowboys, who blew a chance to make the NFL Playoffs with a loss in the final game of the season against their arch rivals the Washington Redskins.

So excuse the Cowboys social media team for being a little snarky. Well, actually, don’t, because they got snarky about hockey. Specifically: “Similarly in the category of nobody-cares…the NHL is back!"

[Also: Columnist's anti-Texans jabs now Arian Foster's Twitter avatar]

The Dallas Stars Twitter account saw this and responded to the dig about the NHL's return with snark of their own.

Let's just say the Stars landed the biggest knockout the city of Dallas has ever seen with a little help from their former captain, Mike Modano:

Mills Lane called this fight over as soon as he uttered, "Let's get it on!" Also, Tony Romo failing jokes will never get old because I'm a New York Giants fan. Humbled by this incredible trolling of Tony Romo, via a triumphant Mike Modano, the Cowboys did everything but play the “WE WERE HACKED!” card. As expected, the they apologized for the jab and the Stars, out of the goodness of their hearts, accepted.

Probably because they know no matter how rough things get in this transitional season, Tony Romo isn’t quarterbacking their power play.

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