Dallas Stars official Twitter account wins #ImGregoryCampbell with Sean Avery zinger

The Boston Bruins' big Game 3 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins was not without a big loss. Gregory Campbell, one of the key members of a penalty kill that's been flawless in the Eastern Conference Final, broke his leg blocking a shot midway through the second. He's out indefinitely.

But before he left the game, Campbell spent nearly a full minute giving his team an emotional boost, fighting through the pain and remaining in the shooting lane as the Penguins pressed for the go-ahead goal. For some, this was evidence of the bravery and toughness of hockey players (not to mention the entire city of Boston, in the perhaps a tad over-the-top Bauer ad above). For others, it seemed strange to praise an athlete ignoring his body's dire need for medical attention. (That's been something of a problem in recent years.)

This is the moment that led to the #ImGregoryCampbell hashtag on Twitter, where hockey fans shared small moments of perseverance, many of which were badass on first glance, and kind of stupid on second thought. "I once broke my foot during 2nd grade recess but walked all the way back to class for story time," wrote Adam Summers. "I'm Gregory Campbell."

"I don't wash grapes before I eat them," tweeted James Walker. "I'm Gregory Campbell."

Eventually, even the Dallas Stars' official Twitter account got into it. And when they did, they won the whole freaking hashtag in a walk.

That's a bona fide zinger. There's something different about you these days, Dallas Stars. Beyond the logo.

UPDATE: Sean Avery caught wind of the zinger, and he's fired back appropriately.

Yow. Tie game.

Anyway. Check out a collection of runners-up to the #ImGregoryCampbell crown here, or after the jump: