Dallas Stars jumbotron strikes at the city of Winnipeg in loss to Jets

Photo credit from @sportsnet

Whoever runs the Dallas Stars jumbotron -- you are great. Don't stop doing what you're doing. It's incredible.

The team that has trolled Toronto and Manti Te'o in the past was at it again Tuesday, taking on the great prairie city of Winnipeg in the above photo from the Stars' 5-2 loss to the Jets at the American Airlines Center.

A brief note. There is much more to do in Winnipeg than just the above list. You can walk underground from your hotel to the MTS Centre ... eat dinner at Earl's Main ... and yeah, can't think of much else I've done beyond seeing someone stalk Terry Crisp on his way back to his hotel for an autograph.

Help me out here good people with the Illegal Curve. 

Anyway, Dallas game ops are solidly the tops in the Western Conference -- they also make Monty Python references amongst others. An original goal song by Pantera? Amazing. 

But one has to wonder: If the Jets (Thrashers) didn't move to Winnipeg, how would the Stars troll Atlanta?

Beyond the Coca Cola Museum, was there much else to do in the ATL besides watch hockey, or basketball for that matter, in a mostly empty arena?

No problems like that in Winnipeg ... you rock.