Dallas Stars jumbotron 'hacked' by Kim Jong-un (Photo)

Photo via @dallasstars on Twitter
Photo via @dallasstars on Twitter

If Stars general manager Jim Nill needs to make a trade and suddenly can't make a phone call, we'll know why. It's because his game ops team poked the almighty leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and 'Number Un' retorted by bugging the Dallas phones!

Tuesday night against Toronto in the above photo, the Stars made fun of North Korea's internet outages, as well as the country's Sony hack, which lessened the Christmas Day release of the Seth Rogen film "The Interview" to a few select theaters.

Oh this is just delightful. Kim on a horse with his trademark 'fade' haircut. Yes!

It's certainly not the first time the almighty Stars jumbotron has made fun of personalities and places. From the city of Winnipeg to Manti Te'o, it is known for walking a fine line between funny and offensive. And on Tuesday, it did just that again. Only this time, it went after an entire country and its leader who has a bromance with Dennis Rodman.

Bravo Dallas Stars jumbotron. Bravo. Bringing new meaning to the slogan "Don't Mess with Texas."

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