Dallas fan, linesman celebrate Tyler Seguin trick with cowboy hat toss (Video)

There isn’t much in life that can separate a Texan from his Stetson. But even a cowboy can’t deny one of hockey’s greatest traditions.

Conrad Shindler is a Texas A&M alum and a Dallas Stars fan. He had the good fortune of attending their game against the Vancouver Canucks on Thursday night, and made a vow via Twitter once Tyler Seguin scored his second goal: If Seguin completed the hat trick, he would hurl his black cowboy hat onto the ice in celebration.

In the third period, Seguin scored his third goal in the 6-1 victory. Hats littered the ice from the Dallas faithful … including Shindler’s cowboy hat (video via cstetter on Instagram):

God bless Texas.

So amazing was this moment for Lone Star hockey fandom that linesman Derek Amell couldn’t help but briefly model Shindler’s hat:

Now, usually hats tossed on the ice are collected by the home team’s ice crew, never to be seen again for the fans that threw them.

But the Dallas crew obviously understands the sanctity of the cowboy hat, and Conrad was able to wrangle his hat back from an off ice official after the game:

The cowboy was reunited with his hat. Now, maybe he can direct the Canucks – 1-10-1 in their past 12 games – to the nearest glue factory.

s/t Dallas News

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