Dale Weise’s face looks like someone took a skate blade to it (Photo)

Jen Neale
Puck Daddy

In Saturday night's game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, Canadiens forward Dale Weise took a Nazem Kadri skate to the face while down on the ice.

Lucky for Weise, the skate missed anything major on his face, and only cut his top lip. Weise left the ice, got stitched up, and returned to finish the game. HOCKEY!

But that's not to say the skate didn't leave some lasting damage. Teammate George Parros posted a picture of Weise and the aftermath of the incident this morning. (Standard warning that this picture is gross. Did you think we'd write a post about a skate cut that was pleasant?)

Sadly, Weise likely won't be winning any beauty pageants in the near future. Maybe second place? That gets you $10, according to Monopoly.

Of course, considering where it is, Weise might be able to cover it up with a moustache. (It worked for Tom Selleck, who rumour has it doesn't even have an upper lip.)

Weise can rest easy knowing it's hardly the most ghastly skate cut we've seen this year. That title remains with Sebastien Courcelles.

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