Cup Final chatter; Canucks on Google Earth; Rick Strangland, diehard Kings fan (Puck Headlines)

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• Via the Royal Half: "You are going down, New Jersey. Just as easily as Snooki does." [The Royal Half]

• Amazing: the Vancouver Canucks just happened to be standing on the sidewalk when the Google streetcam happened by. You just got Keslurked, Google Earth. [PITB]

• Looking back on where the Kings were 5 years ago. As Kevin Barnes once said, the past is a grotesque animal. [Battle of Cali]

• Jack Jablonski moved his left leg and left finger Tuesday, which is incredible news. [Twin Cities]

• A day after Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman admitted disappointment with the escapades of Patrick Kane, a team source has taken it a step further: "A team source told the Sun-Times that some in the organization have suggested that Kane seek help. 'He's obviously got some issues,' the source said. 'How many more times can these things happen? It's a much bigger thing than some photographs in a 48-hour window.'" [Chicago Sun-Times]

• Darryl Sutter talks about hoping to join the list of Sutters that have won Cups. He also uses the words "sexy" and "romantic", thereby ruining those words for me forever. [Fox Sports West]

• Does size matter in the NHL? [Grantland]

• The Boston Bruins acquired Chris Bourque, son of Ray Bourque, on Tuesday. Chris: "It's the first time I've been traded and to get traded to the Bruins was obviously a dream come true for me. It's where my dad spent most of his career. To be traded to the organization he played in so long, it's an honor." [Hockey Journal]

• Contrary to reports that Bob Hartley is set to join the Montreal Canadiens, he just had a second interview with the Calgary Flames. [Sportsnet]

• Meet Rick Strangland, diehard LA Kings fan. This video is hilarious. [Funny or Die]

Rick Stangland: LA KINGS Bandwagon Fan - watch more funny videos

• NBC executive producer Sam Flood defends Pierre McGuire's censorship of the exchange between Peter DeBoer and John Tortorella. [Sherman Report]

• On why the NHL draft combine doesn't mean all that much. [Leafs Nation]

• The Philadelphia Flyers are rooting for the LA Kings because of former teammates Jeff Carter and Mike Richards. It has nothing to do with the Devils eliminating them. Why would you even think that? [The Star]

• The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed Finnish forward Leo Komarov to a one-year contract. [Calgary Herald]

• How are Anaheim Ducks fans dealing with the Kings' run to the Cup Final? [OC Register]

• EA Sports predicts the Kings to win the Cup in 6 games. [Montreal Gazette]

• The Washington Capitals re-signed Dany Sabourin, who's good to have around if your starting netminder has a nervous stomach. [CSN Washington]

• And finally, watch the New Jersey Devil (a.k.a. a red-faced John Waters) steal the "D" off LA's Hollywood sign. My favourite moment is the Aubrey Plaza-esque line-read on "This act of thievery has local officials outraged." I half-expected Andy Dwyer to pop up and sing a Mouserat song.

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