Crazy Turkish hockey brawl: riot police called in, match forfeited

Midway through the second period, in a game between the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club and the Ezurum Youth Sports Club of Turkey's Ice Hockey Super League, an incident occurred.

Actually, more than an incident: a violent brawl so out of hand that riot police were called in to break things up.

It starts out innocuously enough: There's a dust-up in the corner, two players square off, and the officials step in to break things up. Nothing untoward.

But then everything goes haywire. The players dart to the half-wall, and when the cameras get there, everyone is into it. Soon, the goalies have joined the fray, as have the benches, and members of both teams are leaping over one another to throw wild haymakers. Untoward.

Be sure you take notice of Kocaeli's No. 18. That's him, taking a savage beating from No. 55 at the 0:47 mark, only to get up and slash someone else in the head immediately afterward.

Your on-ice proxy: No. 19 of Ezurum. Check him out, standing with his arms wide, at the 0:36 mark. He's like, Everyone. What. The. Hell. Clearly, he's as horrified as I am.

Suffice it to say, things were beyond the control of the officials. According to Turkish news site, riot police, who were across the hall at the time, were called in to help restore order.

And also someone's mom: a brave woman steps out onto the ice at the 1:45 mark, clearly intent on grabbing some ears. Fortunately, she was convinced to turn back.

Two players were injured in the horrific scene. Safe to assume one of them is probably No. 18, whom the players drag to the bench because he's too hurt to get there on his own. That's about as cringe-inducing as anything you're going to see here. First aid tip: You're not supposed to do that.

Eventually, order was restored, but not before officials decided to cancel the rest of the game. With Ezurum leading 4-1 at the time, they were declared the winners by forfeit.

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