Craig Anderson turns heel, butt-ends Devils’ Henrique in the face (Video)

Craig Anderson had a great night for the Ottawa Senators Friday. He picked up his third shutout of the season, and the first since missing 18 games with an ankle injury. He also got away with a nasty bit of stickwork on Adam Henrique, jabbing the Devils forward in the face with the knob of his stick.

Whoa. You want to protect your crease, but that seems a little overboard.

It also seems completely unexpected. Anderson's always seemed like such a nice guy. But this dirty little bit of stickwork looked intentional. Granted, if this season -- and the Senators in particular -- have taught us anything, it's that everything looks intentional in slow-motion.

Luckily, it isn't for me to decide. The Department of Player Safety, on the other hand, will be out to determine that when they give this the look the on-ice officials did not. If this is deemed as an intentional high-stick to the face, well, I'm not sure this ends in a suspension, but butt-ending in the NHL is a major and an automatic game misconduct, so Anderson deserves some discipline here. As the announcer said, "You can't do that."

Shanahan and company have ignored a few things recently that I'd have thought might have drawn a little more attention, so maybe this is the last we hear of this one. But it sure seems like the sort of thing that should get a player punished.