Coyotes fan tears apart Glendale mayor at City Council session (Video)

Ever want to just completely rail your local politicians in a public forum and have it broadcast all over the internet? Yeah, we’ve all definitely been there.

Coyotes fan Ronda Pearson had a platform and she used it. Oh did she use it. Check out the above video from the special Glendale City Council session Wednesday evening.

This was before the council approved via 5-2 vote to end the Coyotes arena deal with the City of Glendale. 

Some of the highlights:

- She outs mayor Jerry Weiers for going to Coyotes games.

- She outs Weiers for wearing a Coyotes No. 1 Mayor jersey. (CAN WE PLEASE GET THAT FOR JERSEY FOULS? ANYONE?!?!? If so, please send to or post #jerseyfoul on Twitter)

- She asks him how much paid for jersey.

- She rips the council for much of the Super Bowl activities being held in Scottsdale, not Glendale, even though the game gets played at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Watching SB hype coverage for the game in Glendale, I’ve often wondered why a lot of the set up is nowhere near the actual game. Kind of stinks for the city in what could be major exposure for the place.

“What you’re doing is childish it’s pathetic and it’s just disrespectful  to the citizens who voted you in office,” she said.

Well spoken, well thought out. And nice touch with the jersey.

There were indeed plenty of people at the meeting who were advocating termination of the lease. After all, tax payers don’t like seeing their money going to privately run entities – like a sports team.

But this is a different case. The arena is already built. Council singed off on the plan two years ago. It’s now facing a $200 million lawsuit by the Coyotes for their vote Wednesday evening.

Earlier Wednesday the council mentioned it was willing to renegotiate the lease – which is clearly something the team wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) go for.

Sports fans are passionate. To them, going to games is an important way to spend their entertainment dollar. There’s an emotional attachment. Pearson is an example of this.

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