Couple’s Kings/Blackhawks combo tattoo seemed like good idea at the time (Photos)

Timmy Olson met his wife Courtney at a wedding some years ago. He’s from Chicago. She’s from Los Angeles. Hockey was instantly a common language – he's a Chicago Blackhawks fan and she comes from a family of Los Angeles Kings fanatics, her brother having grown up playing the game.

Hockey continued to be a part of their budding relationship. Her first trip to see him was during the Blackhawks’ Winter Classic at Wrigley Field in 2009. Courtney moved in with Timmy the year the Hawks won the Cup. They were married in 2012, when the Kings captured their first Cup.

They thought about getting the famed multi-colored feathers of the Blackhawks as a shared tattoo during their Cup run, but never did. So when the Kings won the Cup, they decided to commemorate their fandom with a combination tattoo that honored both teams:

“We tried our best to mesh the logos like we've meshed our fandom — and our lives. It's kinda sappy, but it works for us,” said Timmy.

One year later … things are a little more awkward.

The Blackhawks and Kings are meeting the Western Conference Final beginning Saturday evening, four wins away from playing for the Stanley Cup.

We imagined the couple would face some hockey tension in the next two weeks; factor in the unique ink, and we were curious about their expectations for the third round.

Wrote Timmy, via email:

“When we first got the tattoos, we saw them as a symbol of a very significant part of our relationship. We're both huge hockey fans, and the tattoo was a joining of sorts.

“Now, with the Kings and the Hawks playing in what is the most significant series two teams from the same conference can play, we have reconsidered the tattoo's meaning.

“Sure, we'll both be happy for the other when one team eventually advances to the Stanley Cup Finals. But make no mistake when I say that each loss will be lamented by one, and celebrated by the other. There's no more ‘our team’. It's only ‘your team’ and ‘my team.’

“So... I plan on sleeping on the couch a lot in the next two weeks.

“I plan on celebrating four more Blackhawks wins.

“And I plan on enjoying every last second of this next series.

“Courtney says ‘LGK’...whatever that means.”

We have a feeling these crazy kids are going to be OK.

Mostly because they’ve both seen their teams win the Cup in the last three years. Now, if this was a Leafs fan and an Islanders fan, well …

Thanks to ‘Duk for the help.