Counting down the Minnesota State high school hockey tournament’s All Hockey Hair Team (VIDEO)

There are a lot of reasons to keep up with the fabulous Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament: the games are full of the state's up-and-coming prospects, the hockey is excellent, and the storylines and rivalries are real and compelling. But it turns out there's another great reason: the hair.

Pulltab Productions presents the 2012 All Hockey Hair Team, running down the tournament's standout hockey "salad", a dazzling array of mullets, mops, wings, and the striking bleached hair of the Duluth Marshall Hilltoppers.

"When was the last time you saw two guys in line with that type of salad."

Seriously, who needs production values when you're running down a gallery of hockey hair like that?

But it's not just the great hair that makes this video so oddly fascinating. It's also dry but hilarious narration, the oddly calming shots of combs and picks being spray-painted gold as awards, and the coach that looks like Bat Out of Hell-era Meatloaf.

Not to mention the slightly off-kilter new hair slang. Here's hoping the "Pop Tart" catches on in schools all around the world. It could be this generation's mushroom cut.

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