Cory Schneider wrongly called for trapezoid violation, Red Wings score five seconds later (Video)

Sure, the New Jersey Devils managed only 11 shots on Jonas Gustavsson during their 3-1 loss to the Detroit Red Wings, but it was a one-goal game for the first 58:57, so things were considered tight.

As the Devils were trying to tie the game and force overtime late in the third period, netminder Cory Schneider was called for delay of game, after officials deemed he played the puck outside of the trapezoid. But did he?

Well, no.

Tomas Tatar scoring five whole seconds after that call and just as Chico Resch is saying there should be a make-up call coming? Brutal.

So about that penalty, here's Rule 27.8 from the NHL rulebook:

A goalkeeper shall not play the puck outside of the designated area behind the net. This area shall be defined by lines that begin six feet (6’) from either goal post and extend diagonally to points twenty-eight feet (28’) apart at the end boards. Should the goalkeeper play the puck outside of the designated area behind the goal line, a minor penalty for delay of game shall be imposed. The determining factor shall be the position of the puck. The minor penalty will not be assessed when a goalkeeper plays the puck while maintaining skate contact with his goal crease.

As you heard Resch tell you emphatically, it was a bad call.

Said Schneider afterward: "You use your intuition, your feeling. You sort of know when it's not the trapezoid and when it is. I'm not a huge puck player, as you know, but I've never been called for that before. Usually, I've seen, probably been closer than that. I don't know. Maybe he thought the follow through was when I was playing it or what... We all saw it on that side and thought it was clearly in the trapezoid."

Devils head coach Peter DeBoer was frustrated with the call, saying, "Points are too important. Guys battle too hard for that to happen."

When asked if he thought that type of call should be reviewable, DeBoer laid it out plain a and simple.

"I'm not looking to solve it, just get it right."

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