Cory Conacher given John Scott’s giant helmet in the penalty box, hilarity ensues (Video)

It really doesn't seem believable that anybody would think John Scott's helmet belongs to Cory Conacher. Scott is 6'8". He is the largest Buffalo Sabre. He has a giant head. Conacher, meanwhile, is 5'8". He does not have a giant head.

And yet on Thursday, after an altercation with Ben Scrivens near the Edmonton net during which Conacher lost his helmet and earned a two-minute roughing minor, the diminutive Sabre was given John Scott's helmet.

Conacher suspected it was Scott's the moment he saw the no. 32 on it. But he knew it was Scott's the moment he tried it on:

As you can see, Conacher's head, like the grinch's heart, was two sizes too small. Maybe three.

Kudos to Conacher for doing what anybody would do when given a giant novelty helmet and immediately put it on, even though he was supposed to be in the box feeling shame.

Who would have thought that a professional hockey game would yield the most adorable moment of 2014? Eat your heart out, parkour piglet.

The helmet mix-up was immediately beneficial to Buffalo. Upon touching Scott's blessed bucket, Conacher was immediately imbued with Scott's incredible scoring touch. Not long after he got out of the box, he scored his first as a Sabre.

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