Cornell fan finds teddy bear too big to toss (Video)

Cornell fans attempt to throw giant teddy bear on ice.
Cornell fans attempt to throw giant teddy bear on ice.

Remember when you went to a county fair. You won at like the 'world's strongest person' competition, and then you got a teddy bear that's like twice the size of your child.

Well, it appears that a fan at a Cornell hockey game re-gifted said teddy bear as part of Cornell's charity teddy bear toss Saturday. And then struggled mightily to get the bear over the boards. Insert joke on 'how many Ivy Leaguers does it take to toss a teddy bear?'

The video please:


A number of students tried for more than two minutes and many, many pushes to get the giant bear over the glass. 

It wasn't until 6-foot-7 Cornell forward Christian Hilbrich tossed his stick over the glass to help prop the bear up that it got over to the ice.

The bears collected were given to the Cops, Kids and Toys Foundation.

The holiday season is no stranger to teddy bear toy drives. In late November, the Bakersfield Condors finished off a teddy bear toss that saw 7,358 fall onto the ice. Two years ago, the Calgary Hitmen saw 21,453 stuffed animals given to charity. Simply, these types of drives are awesome and we can't get enough of them.

From the Cornell game, someone is going to get a massive carnival sized bear. Maybe the child will make a wish, and the bear will walk, talk, like Flash Gordon and hate thunder. But alas, such dreams only exist in films starring Mark Wahlberg and narrated by Patrick Stewart.