Corey Perry squirts water into Jeff Carter’s glove, wins Stanley Cup of pranks (Video)

Even though he’s one of the NHL’s most lethal goal scorers, Corey Perry of the Anaheim Ducks can also pest with the best of them.

Look no further than this sneaky little prank he played on Jeff Carter of the Los Angeles Kings, saturating the inside of his glove with his water bottle during a stoppage of play in Game 2 of their series on Monday night.

You can see Carter explaining the flooding to the linesman after the prank.

None of this is likely surprising to Carter, who summed up his impressions of Perry as a player in a 2013 interview with Mayor’s Manor:

“Corey Perry’s a little rat,” Carter joked. “I know him really well, but he’s a rat on the ice.”

Tell us how you really feel Jeff. “I love him off the ice, we’re good buddies. But, on the ice, he’s a weasel man, he’s dirty. He’s one hell of a player though.”

And also a heck of a rat weasel, and one quite handy with a water bottle.