Corey Perry signs up for eight more years in Anaheim, $69 million for his troubles

Ten days after convincing Ryan Getzlaf that unrestricted free agency was lame and signing their star centre to an 8-year, $66 million extension, the Anaheim Ducks have managed to do much the same thing with Corey Perry.

On Monday night, the Ducks announced a very similar extension with their star winger: eight years, $69 million for Perry.

That's three million more than Getzlaf! You should have held out, Ryan. You blew it.

Perry's cap hit: $8.625 million per year, which is steep, but they got him.

“We are excited that Corey has committed to us for the next eight years,” Ducks GM Bob Murray said in Anaheim's release. “Similar to the case with Ryan Getzlaf, Corey wanted to stay in Anaheim and be part of our organization long term. He is an exceptional player who competes with heart and soul and has won at every level.”

Perry echoed the sentiment. He never wanted to go anywhere. (Nevermind that it took an extra 10 days and an extra $10 million to convince him of that.)

“Staying in Anaheim has always been my first choice,” said Perry. “This is a great place to play, and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to remain here. I want to thank to the Samuelis and the entire Ducks organization for their belief in me. I’m pleased to have this done so our focus can remain on our ultimate goal – bringing another Stanley Cup to Orange County.”

I joke about the extra money, but really, it makes complete sense that Perry would sign second. As a winger, you always want to play with a quality setup man, and I'm sure the fact that the Ducks had Getzlaf locked up into the 2020s made Perry a lot more comfortable signing up to spend another eight years in Anaheim. All he would have to do is look at Jarome Iginla in Calgary to be reminded that the NHL, much like life, is a lot less fun alone.

Whatever it was, congratulations are in order for the Ducks, who managed to get both of their core forwards under contract for just under the next decade despite many thinking that they could lose one or both in free agency in just a matter of months. Impressive.

But you know what would be even more impressive? Eight more years of Teemu Selanne. Make it happen, Anaheim.