Corey Crawford allegedly sprays Kings fan, who files police report: TMZ

Corey Crawford allegedly sprays Kings fan, who files police report: TMZ

First we had Corey Perry spraying Jeff Carter’s glove. Then we had Shawn Thornton spraying P.K. Subban. Then we had Henrik Lundqvist spraying Sidney Crosby.

Continuing the water sports legacy of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs, TMZ Sports is reporting that Chicago Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford is being investigated for allegedly spraying water at a fan during Monday’s Game 4 loss at the Los Angeles Kings.

And the fan, 27-year-old Los Angeles Kings supporter Clark Wong, filed a battery report with the police.


From TMZ:

TMZ Sports spoke with Wong who says he was sitting behind the Blackhawks bench -- and was heckling Crawford -- when the goalie was pulled from the game toward the end of the 3rd period.  That's when Crawford -- who's in the middle of a 6-year, $36 MILLION contract -- allegedly whipped out a water bottle and blasted him right in the face. 

Wong says he believes the bottle was filled with backwash -- along with water -- and it has caused serious irritation to his eyes. Wong says he's going to a doctor to get his eyes checked. 

League sources tell TMZ Sports ... Wong was ejected from the game 3 to 5 minutes after the spraying incident for "taunting the players" and it was while he was being escorted out of the arena that he began to rub his eyes, complaining about the pain. 

TMZ says Crawford also spoke with police that night. But CBS reports that the LAPD "isn't investigating any matter related to Crawford."

Now, there is backwash in water bottles. Although players typically squirt water in their mouths rather than suck on the spout. Especially if, you know, they're wearing a mask while doing so.

There is also the chance that Crawford salivates sulfuric acid and/or that Wong is actually a witch whose face started melting upon contact with the water. We'll also consider the fact that Crawford might have just eaten a Snickers bar, in which case ... gross.

Say what you will about the legalities of this incident, but the NHL doesn’t tolerate players spraying fans with water bottles; or at least that was the case a few years ago, when a couple of incidents forced the NHL to firm up it’s “no squirting” policy. If it's proven this happened, at the very least it might be a fine.

We have calls into the NHL, the Chicago Blackhawks and Staples Center on the incident.

Frankly, we’re just surprised that Crawford allowed this heckling to affect him, as he’s let everything else fly past him in the last three games …