Coolest Winter Classic fan moment not seen on TV (Video)

WASHINGTON, DC – The Washington Capitals have a tradition at their home games. During the third period, in order to fire up the team, the Jumbotron plays a montage of game and movie highlights intercut with Tom Green strumming a guitar and encouraging a snake to eat a mouse.

It culminates with Green bellowing “UNLEASH THE FURY,” which Capitals fans chant along with him.

It’s a scene from “Road Trip,” and it’s been a staple at games since 2008, firing up the Capitals crowds like an Ovechkin goal. (Read a history of the montage from DC Sports Bog here.)

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So with the Capitals as the home team in the 2015 Winter Classic, many wondered how many Verizon Center traditions would carry over to Nationals Park.

Then, in the third period, the Jumbotron lit up with Tom Green’s face. And moments later, over 40,000 fans screamed “UNLEASH THE FURY!”

Watch Capitals announcer Wes Johnson, firing up the crowd during the clip.

Here's another look via Ashley:

It wasn’t a moment spotlighted on NBC, but it was a chills-inducing one inside the ballpark.

Of course, for the home fans, the ultimate chills came with just under 13 seconds left, when Troy Brouwer unleashed the fury on Chicago Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford and the Capitals became just the second home team to win a Winter Classic.

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