Contest: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Poetry Slam, Volume 1

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Full disclosure: We weren't really sure how a poetry contest would play.

We know when it comes to Reader Art Contests, we're golden. But poetry's a different animal, so we were a little apprehensive about "For The Love Of Nuge: The Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Poetry Slam."

Then this entry from Mohammad Rashead rolled in. It's called "Draft 2011 was the Donkey to our Jerusalem." And we were given hope:

You are the gasket to our leak
the Carpathia to our survivors
the Zamboni to the rink in our hearts
You are the Neo to our matrix
the Fehr to our PA
the Jacque Plante to our faces
and for everything you are...
We Thank You.

From Mohammad: "Mr Wysh, Please note that I absolutely hate the Oilers...GO FLAMES GO... but I have to further admit that I hate them more because of the quick rebuild and the 'NUGE'' just puts it over the top."

Such is the awesome power of The Nuge, bringing sworn enemies together to celebrate his rookie splendor.

The premise is simple: Poetry of any kind written about the rookie star, or about the Edmonton Oilers that references RNH. Sonnets. Limericks. Nursery Rhymes. Slam poetry. Whatever lyrical approach you'd like. Points for creativity; more points for being funny.

What's at stake? The good folks at Panini America have produced Ryan Nugent-Hopkins's first NHL rookie card. First prize in the poetry contest: An autographed rookie card. We're also giving away five boxes of Panini hockey cards to the runners-up.

How to enter: First off, go to the Panini American Facebook page and hit the "Like" button, because they're going to have some info over there throughout the contest. Then, once you have your genius constructed, email us at We'll run some of the best entries here on PD and over on the Panini Facebook page, where the winners will be announced.

Contest deadline: Wed. Nov. 16, 2011 at noon ET. Still time to cut a YouTube video for extra points!

Coming up, the first batch of entries in "For The Love Of Nuge" contest …

And here … we … go.

• • •

Ted Nugent's guitar
Melts ears from afar
While Ryan's sweet shot
Melts ice in its spot
Hopkins wore a mask
'twas Hannibal's task
But despite Ryan's age
He lights up the cage
Put it together
Like birds of a feather
I'll give you a spoiler
He plays for the Oilers
Our saviour you see
Nugent-Hopkins, Ninety-Three

- Jason Fremlin

• • •

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
might as well grow fins
he turns the ice to water
the way he dives in

Selected first overall
This player has answered the call
Whether in the club or on the ice
with wingmen Eberle and Hall

A young man who dangles and spins
He blocks shots off his shins
Fueling his team towards success
it's Edmonton Oilers for the win!

With the puck on strings like a marionette,
Defensemen find him a serious threat.
Spewing talent, he's simply the best…
almost as good as Paul Bissonnette.

- Mickey Pucci & Conor Phillips

• • •

Hall and Eberle went up the hill
to win a Stanley Cup
They called Nuge up
The new young pup
To win the fans back over
He came, he saw, he kicked some ass (butt)
and brought the Oilers fame
Will they send him back...oh no...
he's about to change the game!!

And I hope you liked that one 'cause here's another...

Hey Doilers Doilers the Nuge and the Oilers
The fans are over the moon
The young Nuge laughed to see such fame
And Tambellini should look for a goon

And one last one...

Nugent-Hopkins joined a team
Nugent-Hopkins had a dream
All the hockey players and all the hockey fans
Couldn't live without Nuge again

- Holly Stanger

• • •

"Ryan Nugent Hopkins is the new real deal,
When his opponents see him,
they say the French word for seal!"

- Erin Prehn

(and yeah, that one takes a little web searching. It's worth it.)

• • •

An Ode the the Nuge

Twas the night before draft day, and all through the place,
The Oilers weren't playing or even on skates.
The jerseys were laid on out a table with care,
With hopes that their first round pick soon would be there.
Lowe stepped to the podium the very next day,
The words from his lips that were simple to say
"The Oilers will pick in the draft first this year,
Mr. Ryan Nugent Hopkins, who plays in Red Deer."
Oh Ryan Nugent Hopkins, hailing from Burnaby
Who arrived in this world on April 12, '93.
And the WHL Rookie of the Year,
We knew that the NHL soon would be near.

A savior on skates all covered in oil,
to help lead the team through the murk and the toil.
They say you're a great one to put pucks in the nets,
They say that your style is just like the young Gretz.
When you get on your skates, you're so lively and quick
It's amazing to see what you do with your stick.
On the season's first day, to the ice they all came,
And the arena announcer called them by name.
"On Eager, on Eberle, Nugent Hopkins, and Smyth,
On Whitney, on Hall, Khabibulin and Dubnyk,"
To the top of the conference, to the top of the league,
Fight through the all the travel, injury and fatigue.

As the game began all the fans they all thought,
"Was it worth it, did they choose right, does he have it or not?"
He ripped it up like Ted Nugent, that night on the ice
Like a "Habitual Offender" he blocked shots — very nice!
And tied the game with the Pens, forcing an overtime,
And they won in a shootout, those Oilers of mine!

Nugent Hopkins was selected as the first game's third star,
and the crowd they erupted, like a drunk in a bar.
And I heard him exclaim as he skated from sight,
"Happy season to all, and YES, THEY CHOSE RIGHT!"

~ Ken Miles

• • •

(This Poem is Slam Style)


So young and fresh-faced
Oilers won the lottery
That's how high they thought of he
1st Overall makes the fans want to call
Skills on the ice, shows he eats more than rice
The only way to stop the hyphen is with a slash!

- Shane Kroeker

Crosby is out, Hopkins is in.
Up and coming, driven within.
Points aplenty, and more to come.
Confidence grows with the rising sum.
Hall helps out, Eberle too.
Aren't you glad this isn't Haiku?
Moving on to stating his case.
Proving correct Nuge is our ace.
Oiler for life, E-towns first son.
Incomparable to even The Great One.
Losing is over, playoffs ahead.
Early exit...let's put that to bed.
RNH is The Second Coming.
Stanleys Tin will leave Edmontons heart strings strumming.

- Mike Ellis (acrostic poem)

• • •

There once was a rookie named Ryan
Who stopped all Oilers' fans' cryin'
In their division they were the worst
Because of RNH, they're now first
And I swear to Gretzky I'm not lyin'!

- Dan

• • •


R. Nugent Hopkins
Making quite the impression
Put it in the net!!!!

- Eric Knorr

• • •

There once was a rookie named Ryan
He started off his rookie season just flyin
Playing with Hall, Ebs and the Mullet
With slick passing and a shot like a bullet
He'll soon be leaving those Calder hopefuls cryin'

- Mark C. Miotto

• • •

The puck careens down the boards to a stick.
The one who waits is thee who has to make
The move that will decide; he must be quick
To skate away from the defense to take
The puck that will decide his own dear fate.
Side to side with moves he quickly dashes
Away from a defense he must escape.
Alas so close the defense then slashes
The stick of our dear Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.
He darts around so quick and then flies
Past him and a breakaway then begins.
"Oh no" the poor defense then loudly cries!
The wonderkid is all alone and scores.
The OT game was once is now no more.

And for some bonus poetry here's a haiku about how awesome that sonnet is

That sonnet is good
Like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
Haikus are so fun

- Aaron Bauer

• • •

The Nuge Strikes Back

He was drafted near the planet of Tatooine
By Oilers GM / Hutt Steve Tambellini
He was supposedly (Red Deer) Rebel scum
But much skill RNH has, surprising some

Reported to be not fully operational
Quite contrary, he has been simply sensational
What is that on the ice? A zamboni? It's huge!
That's not a zamboni or moon kid, that's The Nuge

He shows off his playmaking prowess at the rinks
Making opponents seem silly like Jar Jar Binks
Even though he is still just considered a rookie
Compared to Chewbacca, RNH is more Wookiee

He's only 170 pounds, although size matters not
He's got a hat trick already thanks to his wicked shot
And I heard from a reliable source
Nugent-Hopkins scores goals using the Force

He's pointless to resist, defending teams don't bother
Besides, I just found out RNH is my father
Calder and Cup for the Oil? To those who say "nope"
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, you are our only hope.

- Mike Mirerau

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