In comic book form, the Thrashers’ relocation to Winnipeg

Remember the NHL Guardian Project? Those team-inspired superheroes "created" by Stan Lee who saved the NHL All-Star Game from the evil Devin Devan Deven Dark? Yeah, neither do we. Save for the sap bombs.

Earlier this year, artist David Cicirelli (a frequent winner in our Photoshop reader art contests) created a subset of Guardians called The Financially Un-Viable X-TEAMS!

With the relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers to become the Winnipeg Jets, we asked him to revisit this world for a follow-up.

Coming up, the relocation of the Thrashers to Winnipeg, as depicted through some very familiar comic book covers for fellow nerds. Excelsior!

From David Cicirelli:

"The sale of the Atlanta Thrashers and the return of the professional hockey to Winnipeg has been well documented...but there is one cultural blind spot. How did this drama play out in the comic book world of the NHL Guardians and our own Financially Un-Viable X-Teams?

"Fear not, True Believers! We have an exclusive cover gallery of the mega Death of A Franchise cross over event!!!"

And here ... we ... go.

The Coyote is targeted.

No word if The Thrasher was in fact Jason Todd.


The Thrasher has a friend in The Atlanta Flame.

As long as this doesn't result in a movie starring Shaq, everything will be OK.

Check out David Cicirelli's Fakebook project and his professional portfolio.

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