Should Colorado consider Pierre McGuire as GM?

Toss up "Pierre McGuire sucks" into your favorite search engine and you'll come across thousands of links describing the TSN and NBC analysts swooning over Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby, his eery resemblance to a turtle, or his knack for standing uncomfortably close to colleague Darren Dutchyshen.

Very, very close.

With the changes going on in Colorado, the Denver Post's Adrian Dater throws out Pierre McGuire's name as someone who he would give a long thought about in regards to the Avalanche's open general manager position. Despite being out of the game for 15 years, Dater thinks that McGuire's current job as a hockey analyst helps boost his resume:

"After all - can you name me anyone who has seen more NHL games in the last few years than McGuire has most likely? Can you name me a person who has a more varied menu of personnel he's spoken to in the last few years - among players and coaches and everybody else in hockey? It's part of his job description to talk to everybody in the game, and I think it would be smart for any team to consider him."

Shane from Avs Talk isn't impressed with Dater's idea:

"I bet Gord Miller has watched as many. Or Jim Hughson. Or Bob Cole. Or Craig Simpson. Or James Duthie. Or Bob McKenzie. Hell, I might be willing to give McKenzie a shot as the Avs GM."

While Dater's idea is out there, it could be what the rebuilding Avs might need: an idea from outside the box. We've seen teams take chances on inexperienced coaches at the NHL level (Dan Bylsma, Bruce Boudreau) lately, could it work on a management level? Why should Colorado President Pierre Lacroix bring in a retread general manager (or his own son, as was being rumored) to fill the position? Maybe a fresh voice could help the turnaround happen quicker?

McGuire has been TSN's lead analyst since 2002, when they reacquired the Canadian cable rights to the National Hockey League. Before that, he was an assistant coach and scout on the Stanley Cup winning Pittsburgh Penguins teams in 1991 and 1992 before serving behind the bench with the Hartford Whalers for 67 games during the 1993-94 season. While he's making some nice coin at TSN, would McGuire ponder the chance to get back into management sector of the NHL?

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