After coach leaves for rival, hockey team cuts awesome mascot promo on him

Last April, the Belfast Giants (remember them?) were stunned when head coach Doug Christiansen left the team to take over the rival Sheffield Steelers in the English Elite Ice Hockey League.

His announcement came 24 hours after Belfast was eliminated in the playoffs, in the final no less. He helped Belfast to the 2012 league championship.

The Steelers visit the Giants this weekend, marking Christiansen’s return. Belfast decided to promote the occasion with a video that shows how impactful his departure was … to the team’s mascot.

The scissors at the end were slicing through the former coach’s signature red tie.

So, yeah, all in good fun, but a little harsh to a coach that brought the franchise a championship season, at least in the eyes of some.

Predictably, there’s been a backlash, with some fans grumbling on social media that it’s a “poor showing” by the team.

It’s far from it, of course, and we can think 10,000 other things the mascot could have done to disrespect the former coach that would go beyond a dart board. (Two words: Pig Sty).

Hockey’s at its best when rivalries are at the forefront. This commercial sold us on that game.

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