CM Punk cuts Chicago Blackhawks promo on Monday Night RAW (Video)

Puck Daddy

WWE superstar CM Punk is a Chicago guy and one of the more visible celebrity Chicago Blackhawks fans; and unlike Vince Vaughn and Jim Belushi, he might actually be able to complete a 100-yard dash without keeling over.

He’s partied with the Stanley Cup and shot the puck at a Blackhawks home game and even won a bet with John Cena, spawn of Massachusetts, after the 2013 Stanley Cup Final. At a PPV event in June, Punk wore Blackhawks-inspired ring gear, telling the Chicago Tribune:

“I grew up in Chicago, and I always just loved hockey. Because it was, to me, more difficult and tougher than any other sport.”

On Monday night, Punk was back in Chicago for “Monday Night RAW”, continuing his on-air feud with former mentor Paul Heyman. He took to the ring in a Duncan Keith sweater, and cut a promo on “The Chicago Way” and Blackhawks’ resiliency. Watch some of it at the start here:

Quothe Punk:

“I'm proud of this team. And I'm proud of this sweater. God dammit I'm proud of you people ... If I’m down 3 games-to-1, I’m going to come back and I’m going to tie this [SOB] up and I’m going to go to overtime and I’m going to win. Because that is the Chicago way. We fight.”

By Quenneville’s mustache, so say we all …

The Blackhawks part runs about a minute, but please stay for the glorious interplay between the two best guys on the mic in the WWE; one of whom will be featured on an NHL mask this season.

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